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     Based on the conviction that a solid knowledge of French grammar is essential, En bonne forme introduces each grammar topic by way of            one or more excerpts of French or francophone literature. These reading selections (Lectures), at the beginning of each chapter, illustrate the      grammar topic.

     The core of the chapter is the grammar section (Grammaire). It consists of a thorough explanation of each grammar topic with reinforcement      exercises after each major step. Supplements de grammaire consist of a selection of idiomatic expressions that appear in the Lecture or are        related to the grammar topic. Each item is followed by reinforcement exercises. The fourth major feature, the Synthese section, contains              contextualized activities, communicative activities in pairs and groups and topics for written composition. En bonne forme provides ample          opportunity to improve all four skills-reading, writing, listening, and especially speaking.

  Table of Contents

     1. Le présent et l’impératif

     2. Le passé composé

     3. L'imparfait

     4. Le plus que-parfait

     5. Le passé simple

     6. Le nom et l'adjectif

     7. L'article

     8. Le comparatif et le superlatif

     9. La négation

     10. L'interrogation

     11. Les pronoms personnels

     12. Le verbe pronominal

     13. L'infinitif

     14. Le futur

     15. Le conditionnel

     16. Le subjonctif

     17. Le possessif


     18. Les pronoms relatifs

     19. Les démonstratifs

     20. Le discours indirect

     21. Le passif

     22. Les participes


  En bonne forme, 8th Edition

      Simone RenaudDominique van Hooff

      ISBN: 978-1-59849-217-0

      544 pages

      September 2004, ©2016

      Buy Paperback  US$100.00


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